It’s back! Summer blog reading list: Week one

It’s that time of year again! Time to build a bigger, better, badass Bagger book list! But, in our busy, bustling world of duties, deadlines (and digital distractions), we don’t always…

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Top 6 blogging (and dating) blunders. Happy Valentines Day!

It’s no surprise that we love blogging at The Bag. But there’s a thin line between a good blogging effort and a lazy one. In honor of Valentines Day, we’re asking this question, dear readers: How do the same wrong moves in the dating…

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Mastering The Art Of The Hashtag

Ah the hashtag. It’s a beautiful and powerful thing. The hashtag is a great categorization tool that allows users to tag keywords in their posts and make them searchable on Twitter. At Brown Bag, we are all about helping our community be better communicators,…

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The Millennial Mom: A Potential Brand Ambassador?

Nielsen recently released an infographic titled The Digital Lives of American Moms, and the headline immediately caught my attention. The chart points out some amazing statistics, such as moms are 38% more likely to follow a brand…

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Can Facebook Keep Doing What It Does Best?

With the impending IPO for Facebook anticipated this Friday May 18, one has to wonder if Facebook will be able to continue doing the things that has made it great ( Throughout its years as a private company, Facebook…

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