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The most helpful type of content? (Hint: it has three initials)

I believe a great example of being helpful through content is the FAQ.  Yes, the pre-Web textual tradition that sought to reduce answering tedious questions posted on mailing lists and online forums by listing commonly asked questions and providing answers. We all want answers to…

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Top 6 blogging (and dating) blunders. Happy Valentines Day!

It’s no surprise that we love blogging at The Bag. But there’s a thin line between a good blogging effort and a lazy one. In honor of Valentines Day, we’re asking this question, dear readers: How do the same wrong moves in the dating…

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Google’s Nest brings us closer to the Internet of Everything

I can’t stop thinking about Google’s acquisition of Nest for 3.2 BILLION. I love Nest and am glad for them to have such a great a backer. Google made…

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A $2 Billion reminder

I cringed a little, ok a lot, when I read of the largest health care fraud settlements in U.S. history levied against Johnson & Johnson (and its subsidiaries) by the FDA. My heart sank deeper and deeper as I read on… J&J will pay…

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How Six Words Inspired a Marketer

I recently had the privilege of hearing Larry Smith, founder and editor of SMITH Magazine, speak about his inspirational Six-Word Memoir® project. It debuted nearly 10 years ago with a simple and compelling directive: condense…

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