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It’s back! Summer blog reading list: Week one

It’s that time of year again! Time to build a bigger, better, badass Bagger book list! But, in our busy, bustling world of duties, deadlines (and digital distractions), we don’t always…

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Airbnb new logo faces backlash. All part of the plan?

As some of you may have seen the seemingly controversial yet canny home hosting enterprise that is taking over the world of property rentals, they have recently rebranded themselves causing quite the influx of mixed emotions across the web. The first page of Google…

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Need the skinny on Apple’s WWDC Conference 2014?

As the name suggests, World Wide Developer’s Conference, is an annual meeting held by Apple to unveil its latest and greatest advancements in the software department, or what I like to refer to as “what’s going on behind the selfie”- department.  I…

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Celebrating a True Brand Story

I think I speak for everyone at Brown Bag when I say that a branding challenge really energizes us. Turning a brand challenge into market opportunity gives us license…

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5 Ways to Excel in Client Service

To stay relevant and keep up, we designers are apt to learn new software, keep up with design and development trends, and spend hours perfecting the “creative” side of our craft. But…

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