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Helping You Help Our Four-Legged Friends

Time for a friendly pet-related PSA from your favorite marketing agency. Many of you know of our expertise in the animal health industry. Well, each August, the NPHIC (National Public Health Information Coalition) promotes and highlights the importance of vaccines in humans. …

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Summer Blog Reading List: Week Two

This week’s top 3 blog picks include: Vox by Ezra Klein Zen Habits by Leo Babauta FN Dish by Food Network (more…)

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How Mowgli made me a Millenial Pet Parent

I’ve been interning at Brown Bag this summer and it only took me a few days to detect the animal health focus of the agency. In addition to our many animal health clients, we have a crazy amount of pet owners in our agency….

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It’s back! Summer blog reading list: Week one

It’s that time of year again! Time to build a bigger, better, badass Bagger book list! But, in our busy, bustling world of duties, deadlines (and digital distractions), we don’t always…

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Airbnb new logo faces backlash. All part of the plan?

As some of you may have seen the seemingly controversial yet canny home hosting enterprise that is taking over the world of property rentals, they have recently rebranded themselves causing quite the influx of mixed emotions across the web. The first page of Google…

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