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The most helpful type of content? (Hint: it has three initials)

I believe a great example of being helpful through content is the FAQ.  Yes, the pre-Web textual tradition that sought to reduce answering tedious questions posted on mailing lists and online forums by listing commonly asked questions and providing answers. We all want answers to…

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Top 6 blogging (and dating) blunders. Happy Valentines Day!

It’s no surprise that we love blogging at The Bag. But there’s a thin line between a good blogging effort and a lazy one. In honor of Valentines Day, we’re asking this question, dear readers: How do the same wrong moves in the dating…

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How Creative Technology pushed the limits in 2013

At the Createch 2013 conference I picked up on an overarching theme: We all want to push the limits for our work to have the best impact in the marketplace. Not not just for the advertiser, but for agencies creating the work as well….

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User Experience… same thing as Usability?

All the jargon associated with the art and science of web site building can seem redundant. There are several similar terms for the initial definition phases of the build: user experience, usability, user interface. Are these the same thing? ISO 9241-210 defines user experience as…

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How Six Words Inspired a Marketer

I recently had the privilege of hearing Larry Smith, founder and editor of SMITH Magazine, speak about his inspirational Six-Word Memoir® project. It debuted nearly 10 years ago with a simple and compelling directive: condense…

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