Author: Sela Missirian

The most helpful type of content? (Hint: it has three initials)

I believe a great example of being helpful through content is the FAQ.  Yes, the pre-Web textual tradition that sought to reduce answering tedious questions posted on mailing lists and online forums by listing commonly asked questions and providing answers. We all want answers to…

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Google’s Nest brings us closer to the Internet of Everything

I can’t stop thinking about Google’s acquisition of Nest for 3.2 BILLION. I love Nest and am glad for them to have such a great a backer. Google made…

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Zombie Physical Therapy (Week 1)

SO much talent here at the Bag. And who knew we had a resident zombie Bagger? We hope you enjoy this first of many video shorts that Brown Bag Marketing produced for BenchMark Physical Therapy. When you combine the multi-talented…

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Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake on the #hashtag

We’ve poked fun at the irrelevant hashtag, the hashtag-happy and sentences-as-hashtags here at the Bag before, so it was very validating and entirely entertaining to see Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake take the last laugh. From our laughter-filled office to yours – enjoy!

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Wearables, Zettabytes, and the always amazing Mary Meeker

Today the brilliant Mary Meeker with Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers shared her latest State of the Web with us. I have enjoyed her guidance and insights for many years. I encourage you to read the entire presentation, but in the…

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